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Luhaka Diabetic Patch

Luhaka Diabetic Patch

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Luhaka Diabetic Patch

Luhaka Diabetic Patch

Regular price $24.90
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Let’s see what our satisfied customers have to say:

"This patch is insane! My usual sugar levels done gone down big time, and I'm feeling and working way better. I knew I had Type 2 Diabetes for 21 years and been taking some Metformin medicine for a while. Now I'm on insulin, but this dope product's making me need it less. Ain't gotta talk to no doctor to use it neither. I 100% recommend this thing!"

Eva Rhodes
Toronto, Canada

“I was diagnosed as diabetic 3 years ago, and I was able to control my sugar levels pretty well at the start. However, earlier this year, my levels started increasing because I wasn't careful enough. I stumbled upon this patch online and decided to give it a shot. And ever since using it, my sugar levels have almost returned to normal! My morning readings have returned to normal levels, and I feel happy again to have healthy levels. My doctor was also glad to see that my levels had improved.”

Thomas Copper
Nebraska, USA

"I decided to give this thing a shot since I'm pre-diabetic and had a hard time lowering my glucose levels with my other meds. Let me tell you, this product is legit! It totally does what it says it does. It helped me bring my blood sugar down from 299 to 94, and I've seen a reduction of 20 points in my levels. It didn't happen all at once though. It took my body about 4 weeks to get used to it. I definitely recommend this to anyone!"

Robert Walter
Melbourne, Australia

Here is Nina’s 6-week journey with Luhaka Diabetic Patch

Nina Holland, a 57-year-old resident of San Diego, California, who has shared her success story with using our patch to regulate her blood sugar levels.

WEEK 1: "I just found out I got Type-2 Diabetes, and I've been trying to handle it without pills or big diet changes. But lately, my blood sugar was always over 300, so I thought I'd try these patches 'cause I didn't want something heavy like pills messing with my tummy. The patches stick good, and I noticed my sugar levels going down even after chowing down on carbs. I really feel like these patches help me, ya know?"

WEEK 3: "After almost a month of using these patches, I gotta admit, I'm a believer now. My blood sugar went down from 368 to 262! Gotta say, it was totally worth the money. I ain't usually into herbal stuff, but these patches seem to be working real good. Can't wait to see more results soon!"

WEEK 6: "I've been using these patches for 'bout 6 weeks now, and lemme tell ya, they've made a big difference. My blood sugar levels have gone way down. Every day or two, my glucose count drops by a point or two. I used to be up in the 368 to 400 range for a while, but now my blood sugar stays in the normal range. It's been amazing!"

Nina Holland
California, USA

Why do people get diabetes?
What are its symptoms and how does it occur?

Diabetes is a long-term medical condition that arises when the body fails to utilize blood sugar (glucose) properly. Although the exact reason behind this metabolic disorder remains uncertain, both genetic and environmental factors are believed to contribute to it. Some common risk factors associated with diabetes include obesity and elevated cholesterol levels.

The symptoms of type 1 diabetes usually surface rapidly within a few weeks. In contrast, type 2 diabetes symptoms develop gradually over the course of several years and can be so mild that they go unnoticed. A significant number of individuals with type 2 diabetes may not experience any symptoms at all, and some may not realize they have the condition until they develop diabetes-related health issues like heart problems or blurred vision.


Who is at risk for diabetes? A decade ago, if you had asked your doctor this question, they would have probably identified "older individuals, overweight people, or those with a family history of diabetes" as being at risk for the condition.

Currently, diabetes is deemed an epidemic, with 37.3 million Americans, accounting for 11.3% of the population, being afflicted by the disease. The disease is rapidly evolving into a potential epidemic in the USA.


Dr. Stephanie Collins, a diabetologist at Pacific Blood Sugar Care, has described the mechanism of action of the Luhaka Diabetic Patch. According to her, the patch generates a gentle heat from the dots, which aids in the detoxification of wastes and toxins, supports healthy insulin function, and helps alleviate symptoms and treat diseases caused by abnormal blood sugar levels. She recommends the patch as an excellent therapy for individuals who suffer from abnormal blood sugar levels.


The pancreas undergoes a mild warming effect, which supports healthy metabolism, repairs tissue damage, and promotes proper digestion. This process aids in maintaining blood sugar levels that are already within the normal range and promotes healthier utilization of blood sugar.

The pancreas experiences a mild increase in temperature, which supports healthy metabolism, promotes tissue repair, and aids in healthy digestion. This ultimately helps to maintain blood sugar levels that are already within the normal range and promote healthier blood sugar utilization.

Formulated For Optimal Health Impact And Results

Polygonatum has been found that it can enhance glucose and lipid metabolism disorders, as well as improve the homeostasis model assessment of insulin sensitivity (HOMA-IS) and homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) in patients with diabetes.

Angelica Roots exhibit significant hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects, which can help improve insulin resistance in patients with diabetes. These findings indicate that Angelica Roots may have potential applications in the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

Epimedium has been shown to assist in regulating blood sugar levels and preventing postprandial blood sugar spikes. Additionally, it has been found to promote weight loss and regulate unhealthy cholesterol levels over an extended period of time.

What makes Luhaka Diabetic Patch your excellent choice?

  • Lowers Blood Sugar Levels
  • Regulate & Stimulate Insulin
  • Significant Results in Less Than a Week
  • Detoxifies Kidney and Pancreas
  • Promotes & Regulates Insulin
  • Boosts Immune Syste


  • Material: Non-Woven Patch
  • Patch Size: 23cm x 8cm


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