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Luhaka Complex Acid Carrot Foam Facial Mask (with Brush)

Luhaka Complex Acid Carrot Foam Facial Mask (with Brush)

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Luhaka Complex Acid Carrot Foam Facial Mask (with Brush)

Luhaka Complex Acid Carrot Foam Facial Mask (with Brush)

Regular price $19.99
Regular price $19.99 Sale price
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To Commence the Path towards Clear and Healthy Skin, Start with the Luhaka Complex Acid Carrot Foam Facial Mask.

Luhaka Complex Acid Carrot Foam Facial Mask targets the root causes of acne-bacteria, oil production and dead skin cell build up – to clear acne blemishes, blackheads and help prevent new breakouts. Formulated with powerful skin ingredients that provides the same powerful skin care for teens and adults, and is great for sensitive skin.

The Luhaka Complex Acid Carrot Foam Facial Mask is designed to address the underlying factors contributing to acne, namely bacterial growth, excessive oil production, and the accumulation of dead skin cells, thereby promoting the resolution of acne lesions and blackheads while also preventing future breakouts. This formula incorporates potent skin-nourishing agents that confer equivalent benefits for both adolescent and adult users, and is particularly suitable for individuals with sensitive skin.

Let’s Check Out What Our Delighted Customers Have to Say


“This here's the best dang solution to my acne woes! I done tried every dern OTC solution and a slew of them fancy acne products, but this foaming mask here's the real deal. My breakouts and inflammations done gone down to next to nothin', and the acne that does pop up goes away way faster. Even my dark spots done lightened up, and the healin' process's quicker. The smell ain't no biggie to me neither, 'cause it goes away once you put it on. I'm just plumb tickled I stumbled on this gem! If y'all know someone fightin' acne, you oughtta get 'em this mask, y'hear?”Olivia Smith from United States


“I have this product because I am someone who deals with dark spots on my face and even tried going to a dermatologist to combat this issue but of course, no luck. I've been taking this for a couple of weeks now and I can already tell a difference when it comes to my acne. My blemishes and redness have gone down significantly. If I do have a pimple that comes up, it heals much faster than it used to. I would love to continue to purchase this to combat my acne.”Jessica Johnson from United States

“Few months back, I noticed a series of ugly black spots on my sniffer. I ain't had no idea what them darn things was. Did some deep diggin', and found out they was blackheads and they could be dealt with. So I decided to try out this here product, but truth be told, I was mighty doubtful. I was ready to try all sorts of products to get rid of them blackheads. Lucky for me, I got the right product on the first go. Just a few weeks of usin' it and my schnoz was smooth as a whistle, no blackheads to be seen, and back to its old glory. If y'all got them nasty blackheads, give this product a whirl. You won't be disappointed!” - Vince Shelton from USA

How are acne and pimples formed in our faces? 

Acne and pimples arise due to the clogging of hair follicles with a mixture of oil and dead skin cells. The skin's sebaceous glands produce sebum, an oily substance that maintains skin hydration and health. Excess sebum production can mix with dead skin cells and bacteria on the skin's surface, resulting in hair follicle blockages. 


When a hair follicle is obstructed, it creates an environment conducive to bacterial growth, leading to irritation and the development of pimples. Pimples can vary in size, from small white or blackheads to larger, inflamed red lesions.

Could we do anything about it?

If you've experienced an unsatisfactory skin day, you understand the feeling of being held captive by your own face.

However, that is no longer the case. We can all relate to waking up to a sudden outbreak of pimples, which can leave us wondering how it happened so quickly.


Actually, acne develops gradually over time and can worsen if not treated properly. If left untreated, it can escalate to the point where the affected area appears as a large red blotch of inflamed blood vessels. It's crucial to address acne early on to prevent it from getting out of control and negatively impacting your life. You deserve better than that. That's why we created the Complex Acid Carrot Foam Facial Mask.

Dr. Serena Welch is an experienced dermatologist and specialist in dermatology research at the Derma Research Facility Center for over 10 years. She is recognized for her expertise in skin health and her approach to achieving and preserving a natural-looking complexion using advanced cosmetic treatments and dermatological technology. Dr. Welch endorses the Luhaka Complex Acid Carrot Foam Facial Mask as one of the top facial foam mask products available.


“The Luhaka Complex Acid Carrot Foam Facial Mask is a highly effective and safe skincare product. Its manufacturing processes are conducted under sterile conditions to ensure the purity and freshness of the final product. The innovative acne solutions incorporated in the formula cater to individuals of all ages, skin types, and ethnicities. As a product developed by a dermatologist, it prioritizes the needs of its users, recognizing that clear skin is essential in boosting confidence and revealing one's true self.”


Luhaka Complex Acid Carrot Foam Facial Mask won an award as an expert-approved skin care product in 2022.



  • Carrots contain a wealth of nutrients that can be advantageous for individuals with acne-prone skin. Specifically, beta-carotene, a carotenoid present in carrots, converts to vitamin A in the body, which is crucial for promoting healthy skin. Vitamin A plays a key role in regulating skin cell growth and turnover, ultimately aiding in the prevention of clogged pores and minimizing the development of acne.

  • Salicylic acid is effective in treating acne by unblocking obstructed pores. This is achieved by breaking down the bonds that hold dead skin cells together, facilitating their easy release from the pore. Additionally, it breaks down oils, such as sebum, and reduces the skin's sebum production, which results in fewer acne breakouts.

What Makes Luhaka Complex Acid Carrot Foam Facial Mask your best choice?

  • Treats acne and pimples gently and effectively.
  • Facilitates unblocking of pores and eliminates excess oil from the skin.
  • Contains antibacterial properties that prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • Prevents acne breakouts by possessing antibacterial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria.
  • Nourishes the skin by providing essential nutrients.
  • Mitigates skin irritation and inflammation.
  • Assists in achieving clear, radiant skin.
  • Enhances overall complexion.
  • Heals and smooths existing blemishes.
  • Is suitable for all skin types, including those that are highly sensitive.
  • Has undergone clinical testing and been scientifically proven to be effective.
  • Comprises 100% safe and organic ingredients.



  • Net Weight: 4g * 12 packs/box
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Main ingredients: Carrot, Complex Acid
  • Efficacy: Clean pores, remove oil, blackheads, exfoliate, and moisturize skin.


  • 1 Box Luhaka Complex Acid Carrot Foam Facial Mask with 1 pc Facial Mask Brush 
  • 3 Boxes Luhaka Complex Acid Carrot Foam Facial Mask with 1 pc Facial Mask Brush 
  • 5 Boxes Luhaka Complex Acid Carrot Foam Facial Mask with 1 pc Facial Mask Brush

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